Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birthday Giveaway!

It's August! And that means that it is almost the anniversary of the greatest day known to man...the day Thomas Edison patented his mimeograph.  It also happens to be the month I was born!  So because I'm in a super good mood, because of mimeographs and all, I decided to do a giveaway!  This giveaway will run from Today until the end of August and 1 winner will win a book of their choice under $15 USD from either Amazon (US) or TBD (INT).  Just make sure you are over 18 (or 13 with a parent's permission) and that The Book Depository ships to you.  If you aren't sure click here.  

Good luck and have a wonderful August!!!!

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  1. Awesome giveaway. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Advanced Happy Birthday to you. I am having an awesome August as well.

    It is kind of you to offer a book of the winners choice. I am not entering because I am not sure what country I will be in come the end of August.

    Have a good one!

  3. Happy birthday! Thanks for hosting a give-a-way for it! That's awesome :D

  4. Oh my gosh -- happy birthday! ^.^ And thank you for having such a wonderful giveaway. I don't like holding giveaways for my birthday. I expect to get gifts, not give them. ;)

    The Authoress

  5. The mimeograph! Haha! Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  6. happy birthday! and thanks for the giveaway

  7. Happy Birthday! Awesome giveaway! :D