About Me

Well to start off my name is Catie (or Cat, Cate or Catherine depending on your preference) and I live  in the mid-western United States.  I'm 25 and have a bachelor's degree in Political Science.  I'm heading back to school soon to get my teaching certificate so I can teach high school English and history.

I decided to start a blog for two reasons.  First, because you can only look at job applications and post your resume so many times before you feel the need to take a flying leap onto the nearest pointy object.  Second, because I love books!  Books have been my constant companions through a basically lonely childhood, confusing teen years, and my hectic and prolonged college life.  I lose myself in books.  I can see the faces of the characters, hear the soundtrack playing softly in the background and I feel the same rush that you experience while watching your favorite movie. 

After I finish a really good book I feel like I'm losing a good friend.  I try to quell my sadness by telling anyone who will listen about how awesome it was and then trying to make them read it.  So instead of driving my family and friends to the brink of insanity I figured I may as well share these reviews with people who may actually want them. So this is for my fellow bibliophiles. Those of you who can't go to sleep until you get to the next chapter, skip going out on a Saturday night because you just got the next book in the series, and have seriously thought about turning the dining room into a library.  I hope that I can help you find some great stories!