Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review: Poltergeeks by Sean Cummings

Poltergeeks (Poltergeeks, #1)Author: Sean Cummings
Genre:  paranormal
Pages: 320
Published: October 2nd, 2012
Publisher: Strange Chemistry
Rating: 2/5 Stars
Source:  I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

"15-year-old Julie Richardson is about to learn that being the daughter of a witch isn't all it's cracked up to be. When she and her best friend, Marcus, witness an elderly lady jettisoned out the front door of her home, it's pretty obvious to Julie there's a supernatural connection. 
In fact, there's a whisper of menace behind increasing levels of poltergeist activity all over town. After a large-scale paranormal assault on Julie's high school, her mother falls victim to the spell Endless Night. Now it's a race against time to find out who is responsible or Julie won't just lose her mother's soul, she'll lose her mother's life."~Goodreads
I've been trying for several days to write a review for this book.  I added it to my list of Halloween reads because, well, it has witches and ghosts.  It also came out earlier this month.  The last book that I read from Strange Chemistry, Blackwood was lots of fun and full of quirk, which seems to be a staple for the publisher.  I jumped in expecting a fun, spooky read (if maybe a little cheesy).  Unfortunately Poltergeeks failed to deliver, even on the cheese. Of course I didn't hate everything about it or I wouldn't be giving it the two stars that I have, so let's start this off on a positive note shall we?

  • Marcus is not your normal heartthrob: Our main character and resident witch, Julie, starts to develop a crush throughout this book.  While I was disappointed that there was a love story since I was hoping for a YA novel free of romantic entanglements for a change, I was happy that Marcus was not your stereotypical YA man candy.  He is not a brooding vampire/angel/demon, he doesn't spend his weekends working on cars or tossing footballs and he isn't the adorably aloof new guy who may or may not have killed someone.  Marcus spends most of his time working on science homework and getting shoved into lockers.  Sure, I love large, hulking broody types just as much as the next girl, but pocket protectors can be cute too right?  Well, sort of.  While I was relieved that the author chose to go in a different direction with the leading man, I didn't find myself all that compelled by Marcus and I certainly won't be ordering any Team Geek t-shirts in the near future.  Sorry.
  • Ghosts: I walked into this story thinking that it was mostly about ghosts.  It turned out to be mostly about a witch.  I wasn't too disappointed though, because when the ghosts were present they were done right.  So good on you Sean Cummings for writing actually creepy ghosts!  Ten points to Gryffindor!

  •  Julie:  Things start to go downhill quickly when you don't like the main character.  This is definitely the case for Poltergeeks. Julie is supposed to be a take-charge, kick ass heroine, but to me she comes off as whiny, inconsistent and overly-aggressive.  She spends half the book having an inner-dialogue about whether or not Marcus likes her, whether she should get involved with magic, how much trouble she's going to be in if she gets involved with magic, etc.  It's tedious and it really distracts from the plot.
  • Show, don't tell: This one's pretty self explanatory.  Much of the bulk of this book is Julie describing how she's feeling, what's going on or what the consequences will be if she does magic (see above).  Again, this makes the story tedious and frankly made me want to put the book down about half way through.
  • Predictability: One of my biggest problems with this book is that I wasn't surprised by anything.  Even the twist at the end I could see coming a mile away.  
Overall, this book just bored me.  I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't get into it.  Then again, I've talked to others who really loved it so, as always, the choice is up to you, but I can't recommend it.

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