Thursday, May 9, 2013

Don't Leave a Ghost Homeless - Save The Book House!

Image by The Book House.  Used with permission.

In the heart of Rock Hill, amid the bustle of the seemingly endless Manchester Rd. traffic hides one of St. Louis' most beloved landmarks.  You might miss it if you're driving past but it is in your best interest to find it.  I'm speaking of course of the most magical place on Manchester, The Book House.  Growing up in St. Louis there were few places as wonderful for me as this pretty little 19th Century house.  With it's friendly staff, resident cat (Blake), and every room packed floor to ceiling (literally) with books both used and new what's not to love?  

Image by The Book House.  Used with permission.

Oh, it also happens to be haunted.  That's right, local legend says that The Book House is haunted by an apparently very well-read little girl named Valerie.  She's a playful ghost who is always willing to help people find what they're looking for.  She's even been known to knock a book off of a shelf when a patron couldn't find it (Robbie Courtaway, Spirits of St. Louis).  Now the property owner wants to tear it down to build a storage unit.  A STORAGE UNIT. We can't leave little Valerie without a home, and we can't leave St. Louis without it's Book House.  Luckily there are ways you can help.


Even if you don't live in the area you can help this local treasure stay put.  I'm asking you, my fellow book lovers (or hoarders as the case may be) to do me and my fellow St. Louisans a favor in the name of the printed word.  There are two things you can do.  First of all there is an Indiegogo campaign where you can donate funds that will go toward saving the property.  If you aren't able to donate you can sign the petition and let the City of Rock Hill know that we want to keep our Book House.  It only takes a minute and you don't have to be a resident to sign it.  Please take a second to help out.  My childhood thanks you.


  1. OMG! How have I never heard of this place?! Living in St. Louis this is pretty poor of me! And it's haunted on top of that?! Freaking awesome!

    Question, has this property owner never seen Poltergeist? I mean yeah, little Valerie isn't buried there, but it's still her home. You'd think this person would be a bit wiser. I mean really, bookstore vs storage unit???

    I signed the petition! Can't really afford donations at the moment unfortunately, but there's only 230 signatures needed now!

    1. Thanks so much Jessica! I didn't know you lived in STL! And ya, I was talking to one of the guys that works there yesterday and we decided that if they do tear it down we want the ghost to go all paranormal activity on those storage units. Also, they aren't sure if she's buried on the grounds or not, apparently the story is that she drowned in a well on the property and may be buried there.

  2. Oh, I would do buy that property if I lived near St. Louis! How adorable! I have no money (owing to no job, and plenty of debt and bills), but I am definitely signing the petition. If I ever come back as a ghost, I would totally haunt a bookstore and pull out books for folks!

  3. What a beautiful place and with such rich history. Hopping over and signing the petition now.