Thursday, February 28, 2013

February RAK Wrap-Up

Book Soulmates For those of you who don't know RAK is a monthly event hosted by Book Soulmates where bloggers can send books, handmade gifts and other bookish things to each other.  It's tons of fun so you should definitely sign up!

This month was pretty great!  I was able to send my copy of Seraphina to Beth over at  Living a Goddess Life.  It's been needing a new home for awhile and I'm glad it finally has one.  I also received a new header for the blog which was made by Mandi over at Dream's Books Discussion.  I haven't been able to put it up yet, but I can't wait.  It's awesome, thanks so much Mandi!

I hope you all had a wonderful February full of bookish goodness as well.  Let me know by linking me to your RAK wrap ups down below and get ready for March everyone!


  1. Seraphina is a book i have on my wishlist, i only heard good things about it so i'm sure Beth will be really happy^^

    I haven't received anything this month but i've sent several RAk. I hope march will be fabulous though^^

  2. I've heard good things about Seraphina, hopw you enjoy it!!

    Happy March RAK, hope you'll get tons of books :)

    RAk wrap up