Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 Challenges!

So, I know this post is uber late but I finally decided to put up my 2013 Reading Goals/Challenges!  Let me know what challenges you're participating in this year as well!

2013 Reading Challenge
Okay, so first and foremost we have the Goodreads reading challenge.  I'm going to do the same as last year and shoot for 50 books.  I made it just under the wire in 2012 so hopefully I'll do a bit better this year.

2013 Standalone Reading Challenge

I seriously don't read enough Stand-alones anymore so this challenge is perfect.  The goal for this challenge is 15!

I am so behind on sequels!  I'm hoping this challenge will keep me on track this year.  I'm shooting for 15 in this challenge as well.

This is always a fun one, I didn't participate last year so I'm extra excited for this year's challenge.  My goal for the DAC is 12 books.

This one is a little different because the goal is to read one book in each paranormal category.  It's a really cool idea and I'm excited to get going.

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